Projects I've worked on


I worked with a marketing team to implement their strategies, so I don’t take total credit. But here’s some of the success my work contributed to.

I helped a client in the bathroom remodel industry increase website traffic and conversion by creating optimized copy for their home page, product category, and location pages.

I started working with them in July. When our contract ended in December, traffic had increased to over 27k visitors a month. They were ranking in the top positions for their target keyword and driving more sales from organic search.

Some of my recent work

Take a look at some long-form articles I’ve recently written for B2B SaaS companies


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What clients are saying

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The process

Steps to Success

A clear working process is a prerequisite for success. Here’s a quick overview of how I start and complete a writing project.

Our first meet

After you book a call with me or send an email, we'll go over your needs and expectations to determine if we're a great fit.

Send requirement

If we are, we'll set up a contract and sort all the boring but necessary stuff. Then, depending on the project, I'll send over a questionnaire or briefing template. 

Research and first draft

I'll immerse myself into your project, go through the info you provide, do additional research and produce a stellar first draft.

It's time to ship

Once I receive your feedback on the draft, I'll rework it into a final draft, make any last-minute changes that come up, and it's time to go live.

Don’t like calls? 

No problem. Kindly fill out the form attached and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Or you can drop me an email at 

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

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